CBD Therapy was born from the passion of two young entrepreneurs who graduated in pharmaceutical biotechnology. The aim of both is to produce molecules that are useful to humans, regardless of the plant. CBD Therapy sells high-quality, all-natural light cannabis, oils and other CBD products in the B2C segment.


The objective is to assist and bring Hemp Growers closer to the Digital Trade through a platform that relieves them of the financial and time investment needed to set up their own Online Shop, avoiding all the technical and logistical implications. They also offer White Labeling and Dropshipping services.


Fitodrink is a new product line that integrates phytotherapy techniques into the well-being of body and mind. The Fitodrink team consists of nutritionists, herbalists and designers who, through constant research, aim to improve our daily lifestyle with cutting-edge phytotherapeutic products. Fitodrink focuses on the integration of nutrition, conventional plants and mycotherapy products.