Gorilla Glue Dry Hash

CBD: <24%
THC: <0,2%

Gorilla Glue Dry Hash is a new type of Hashish coined by the CBD THERAPY team. It derives from Gorilla Glue which is one of the most admired genetics by legal cannabis lovers.

It is a very fine Indica-dominant Hybrid genetic and owes its name to the large amount of resin it produces.

This is also the reason for its high concentration of CBD – very important indeed – which in many buds exceeds even 24%. Its origins are the result of crossing three sacred monsters such as Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. A monstrous mix!

Thanks to the large amount of resin present in the inflorescences, we were able to bring you a Dry Sift Hash born from Gorilla Glue that will amaze you, and thanks to its complex processing, the result is a beautiful legal smoke with an incomparable taste.

Terpenic Values


Gorilla Glue Dry Hash : characteristics, fragrance and taste.

The scent of Gorilla Glue Dry Hash is the first thing that strikes you: the aroma of the hash, from which you can perceive the intensity of the flowers, is a inebriating taste, intense, fresh and is by far the one that most resembles the THC-rich genetics, perfect for a Hot Day at the Beach.

The flavor is soft, involving, almost inebriating: in the aftertaste you can detect forest and pine flavors that combine with an intense flavor of citrus and ripe fruit and mint.

A sensation definitely worth trying!

In addition, Gorilla Glue Dry Hash does not cause the dry mouth, munchies, itching and dry eyes feeling of the non-depotentiated version. Other side effects, such as anxiety that can also cause dizziness, headaches and paranoia, are also absolutely averted with the light version.

Since the genetic strain is rich in CBD (which can exceed 24%) it has strong relaxing effects, capable of calming anxiety, stress, insomnia and other problems.