Green Apple

Green Apple is one of our new Genetics of Hydro Indoor line, obtained through the best selected phenotypes of CBD Cannabis and the most scrupulous methods of production, drying and storage.

Green Apple is one of our new Hydro Indoor Genetics, with high CBD content and rich in natural terpenes. The aroma is an unmistakable breeze of green apple, pears and pine, all rounded by a slight sweet nuance! Its aroma is memorable, almost reminiscent of a freshly baked apple pie and tasting like a Granny Smith apple dipped in powdered sugar.

Terpenic Values


Green Apple: characteristics, fragrance and taste.

These little “jewels” are grown with a proprietary technique based on Hydroponics, in special rooms with controlled temperature and humidity. The Green Apple has dense but soft, almost velvety, bright neon green buds with scattered, twisting dark olive green leaves and thick hairs. These buds are dusted with a thin layer of almost amber-white trichomes and a sweet, sticky resin.

The sour and fruity aroma of these inflorescences so much appreciated by fans is really incredible, it has a very strong character but with several delicate terpene nuances, always maintaining a high % of CBD.

The fame of this plant, as well as its name, are derived from the flavor reminiscent of green apple, with sweet and delicate notes. The flavors are as the name would suggest: fruity, reminiscent of sour apple and sweet. The aromas are peppery, of apple and sugar, but have a slight pine aftertaste.

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