CBD: <25%
THC: <0,2%

Ice-o-lator, also known as bubble hash, is a type of Hashish derived from the extraction of marijuana in water ( isolated hash, full melt or simply hash in water ) is a type of hash or a method of mechanical separation of Cannabis resin.

Common hash is usually obtained by a process of heat and compaction, which is different from ice-o-lator, which combines cold and movement to detach trichomes from plants and is extracted using water, ice and filter nets of different sizes.

Because of its processing the Ice-o-lator is defined as one of the most refined hashes, in addition to its high concentration of CBD, it has a strong spicy scent and then mingles with fresh and earthy notes.

Once processed and compacted, the result is a beautiful legal smoke with an unparalleled taste.

Terpenic Valuess


Ice-o-lator : characteristics, fragrance and taste.

With an intense relaxing effect. It releases intense, earthy flavors reminiscent of the fresh and varied flavors of genetics from the Hindu Kush , with a dense flavor on the throat with spicy notes reminiscent of Himalayan Hash traditions. Thanks to the water extraction process, Ice-o-lator has an amazing smoothness and therefore does not need any flame to melt.

It comes with a soft texture but at the same time corpose andelastic. It is very famous for its very dark andglossy coloring; the inner part is obviously lighter but still remains quite light compared to other types of hash.

The process of producing the Ice-o-lator consists of shaking the cannabis plant material in water filled with ice. The resinous trichomes freeze and break away from the plant material, sinking to the bottom of a metal sieve, usually within a series of mesh screens, each with a decreasing mesh size. The finer the mesh, or “micron,” the finer the material and the less plant matter.