K1  is one of our new Genetics of Hydro Indoor line, obtained through the best selected phenotypes of CBD Cannabis and the most scrupulous methods of production, drying and storage.

K1 is an exotic Sativa-dominant hybrid, part of our new Hydro Indoor Genetics, named for the famous cross between Durban Poison and LA Kush. This strain is known for its resin yield and took third place in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup. Its buds are a jungle green, covered with a sticky layer of trichomes that look like dew drops and amber pistils.

Terpenic Values


K1: characteristics, fragrance and taste.


K1 has extremely inviting aromas, especially if you like really strong and pungent light cannabis flavors. You’ll immediately notice a smooth pine flavor, mixed with a strong all-around citrus flavor. A peppery and sweet aromatic mix, reminiscent of the aroma of freshly beaten hashish. Once shredded you will notice the typical Haze aromas, as well as scents of spice, anise and licorice, which add a touch of personality to this sativa.

Thanks to this combination of genetics, when growing the plant shows more spaced internodal spaces, typical of a Haze. The buds, however, show all the characteristics of the old school Kush, compact and oozing with resin, increasing their size exponentially towards the last weeks of flowering.

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