K2 is one of our new Genetics of Hydro Indoor line, obtained through the best selected phenotypes of CBD Cannabis and the most scrupulous methods of production, drying and storage.

K2 is one of our new Genetics from the Hydro Indoor line, named after the second highest peak on Earth, K2. The mellow flavor is accented with notes of fruit and spice, and the captivating aroma has helped make it one of the most well-known and appreciated genetics in Amsterdam’s Coffee-shops. It is in fact a Dutch hybrid of White Widow and Hindu Kush. This genetics is 80% Indica and 20% Sativa.

Terpenic Values


K2: characteristics, fragrance and taste.

The flowers of K2 stand out with a very dense and compact structure that is expected from a predominantly indica variety. These inflorescences have a structure composed of pistils and leaves, covered with resin and tightly rolled together. The flowers are presented with a shade of bright green crossed by deep orange pistils. Translucent white trichomes (probably handed down from the mother variety White Widow) cover the inner and outer cracks of the flowers, giving them a very resinous texture. The buds have a very compact feel. When properly cared for, the buds give off a intense, woody aroma with a light note of lemon. Breaking or grinding the buds yields some aromatic notes strongly reminiscent of Skunk. Its flavor is basically intense.

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