Orange Bud

Orange Bud  is one of our new Genetics of Hydro Indoor line, obtained through the best selected phenotypes of CBD Cannabis and the most scrupulous methods of production, drying and storage.

Orange Bud is one of our new Genetics of the Hydro Indoor line, with a high CBD content and rich in natural terpenes. It has a unique and sweet aroma with clear hints of citrus and oranges, sour and pungent. Its appearance is covered with large orange trichromes, from which it takes its name.

Terpenic Values


Orange Bud: characteristics, fragrance and taste.

Just as its name would suggest, Orange Bud is bright green with even brighter orange pistils covering the entire top. The trichomes, on the other hand, have an almost amber hue.

Aromatically it is mainly distinguished by its characteristic citrus fragrance although the aromas and flavors tend to vary depending on the phenotype, from orange to nectarine.

The aromas emanated by the Orange Bud are absolutely amazing: a perfect balance given by the nectar scent, dominated by a terpenic profile of lemon and orange, generating a remarkable pleasure for the taste buds, after all it is undeniable the fame of Skunk genetics, known for its intense and strong aromas.

In fact, it is one of the original varieties of the Skunk family. This strain was discovered during a careful study of all Skunk varieties, which began in the early 80s and aimed to create a fruity variety that could guarantee abundant and quality harvests. Orange Bud quickly became a favourite variety in all coffeeshops in the Netherlands. People loved the strong and citrusy taste of this variety.

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